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brand new no longer needed cost over 300bucks


i bought this for my nauticam em5 housing with m16 accessory port but sold my housing so no longer need this ...will fit most housings with m16 threaded accessory port Leak sensor Vivid Housings Leak Sentinel V3




Leak sensor Vivid Housings Leak Sentinel V3

Appeared in DIVER May 2014

“IT’S NOT A CASE OF IF IT’S going to happen, but when it’s going to happen.” So the saying goes. I’m talking about the underwater photographers’ worst nightmare – a camera flood.
I’ve been extremely lucky, having experienced it only once. By lucky, I mean that it happened in a rinse tank, and I managed to save my expensive DSLR camera and lens.
The event left a mental scar and, as you’d expect, a phobia of it ever happening again.
If you’re a regular reader of DIVER Tests you’ll remember the crusade on which my predecessor John Bantin embarked to inform the underwater photography world about the benefits of vacuum leak detectors.
I was a total convert, as were a few underwater housing manufacturers that have designed and fitted, as standard, a generic vacuum system to their product ranges.


For those of us who don’t own one of these housings, the only solution was, and still is, a third-party system.
Some models have appeared from across the Atlantic and have already featured on these pages. Meanwhile I have been using and evaluating for the past year a system from Europe – the Leak Sentinel from Slovenia-based Vivid Housings.



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