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Changes in Nauticams 5dmkIII v2 housing (17315)

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Hi Wetpixel.


I just got the new v2 housing with the new number 17315, whereas the old was 17305.
When I first asked around about the differences (still no info about that on Nauticams webpage), I was quoted it was only a weight reduction thing.
After receiving it, and with all the extra equipment along with it, I have found out the following:


  1. It does come with two handle balls.
  2. It does come with the Handle Brackets (25055).
  3. It has the new vacuum test circuit installed, not just leak detection (the v1 did not). You still need the vacuum valve for it to work though.
  4. It has the new strobe prism (26312) for use of YS-D1 with fiber optics installed.
  5. It has an extra M16 port.

There is also a slight change in the position of the Info-button, which have moved slightly to the left.
So I have sent a few things back to my dealer, and just wanted to let the rest of the community know this for future reference.



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