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Gobe 700 wide x2 + GoPro

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I am eyeing a pair of Gobe 700 wides to go with my GoPro. I like the Gobe because I can use it for more than just video lights...change the head and it is a great dive light..etc. Is a pair of 700 lights going to be adequate for fairly close video with the wide angle GoPro? Am I just going to get irritated that I dropped $700 on these lights and heads? I'm just starting out so spending ~$1400 on a pair of Solas to go with a $400 camera doesn't seem worth it...but I could be convinced with a solid argument. I only get to dive about 6-10 days per year because I live 7.5 hours from the ocean. Thoughts, advice, insults...send them my way. Thanks for all the help.


(wetpixel lurker and viewer - all of you motivate me to make the drive to dive)


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