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FOR SALE: iTorch Pro 4 Video/Focus Light

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<script src="safari-extension://com.ebay.safari.myebaymanager-QYHMMGCMJR/edbb4186/background/helpers/prefilterHelper.js" type="text/javascript"> </script> FOR SALE: iTorch Pro 4 video light with 2 batteries and charger.

One of the red lights blinked out, but it way too much red; one scares the fish less. All other LED's work great with low run time on them. I purchased an iTorch Pro 6 for the UV LED's and don't need both. This is a great set-up for someone who already has one iTorch pro and wants to widen the beam for video. It's a great light and nice to have spare batteries on hand. They are also quite inexpensive if you want more.

$285 + 12.35 USPS flat rate shipping to anywhere in the US.

PM me and/or and an email to mcolleypublic@gmail.com





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