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Light & Motion Bluefin Pro for Canon videocameras

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Since the cameras have been sold, here's a revised ad for the housing:


Light & Motion Bluefin Pro with the OLED monitor back for Canon HF-G10, XA10 or HFS30 videocameras. Original cost was $3799.


It comes with the flat port (standard) and the Fathom 90 degree wide angle port, a $1799US option.


There's also a Stix float. Also includes two kinds of attachment bases for lighting (total four) , two for the one-inch ball, the other two for Locline arms. An XIT404 tripod base is also included (no legs).






The setup has been well used; the L&M coating has begun to depart. The housing had an overhaul last October at L&M; both handles were rebuilt at L&M in July 2014, six dives ago. I'd describe it as discolored appearing but 100% usable.


The Pelican case is included.


Since it was about $6000 total originally, I'd like $2250US or near offer.


If you have interest, want to make an offer or need more information, PM here or e-mail cobra521 at gmail dot com





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I'm only interested by the Wide Angle Fathom 90 (and eventually by the pelican case).

Could you please confirm the S/N 802-259 of the Fathom 90 ?

How much for the Fathom 90 ? (shipping cost to Paris, France ?)

How much dor the Pelican Case ?




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Here's the reply I sent offline:



Here are two pictures of the lens confirming the part number. Sorry for the dust - I think it is the older camera I use for stills. I would like $900US for the lens; somewhat less that 1/2 of what I paid for it.
I would rather not sell the 1520 case at this time as someone may want it with the housing & other parts. I do have a slightly smaller case, about 1" smaller in each dimension, (maybe a 1510???) that I would sell for $50US. I could pack the lens into that case for safe shipping.

I include pictures of the two cases together to give an idea of size.

The bad news is I have no idea how to send the items to France, about shipping, duties, customs or taxes. Perhaps you could educate me?



I attach photos of the case and lens.








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