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Sea&Sea MDX Pro D3 Housing & Ports, cables, Flash Arms etc.

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I am selling here my Sea &Sea MDX Pro D3 which is usable for a

Nikon D3 as well as for a Nikon D3x.

The complete housing was overhauled/maintananced/pressure tested

by mike-dive (www.mike-dive.de), who is well known for modifications,

repairings and special ideas.


He put in a iTTL-Converter so that two strobes can be used together.

A manual switch allows you do disable the TTL-Converter by hand

outside the housing with a knob. Perfect who likes TTL for Macro.

Please see pictures below. For this nice feature we decided to change

the S/C/M knob into the TTL-converter knob at the same place.

The housing is fitted with a standard viewer, the condition is good for

sure it hast the normal markings from usage.

Addtional I have:

1 each NX Zoom Port, P/N 51101 no scratches on the front glas

1 each Adpater Ring 40, P/N 56111

1 each SX-Ring, P/N 50261

1 each NC Compact Macro Port, P/BN 56201

1 each Compact Macro Port S (35), P/N 56211 no scratches on the front glas

but a small dent in the plastic

1 each NX Fisheye Dome Port, P/N 56401 modified with removabel weights

Following gears:

1 each Zoom Ring for Sigma 17-35

1 each USM Zoom Gear for Canon EF16-35 f2.8

1 each NX Sigma Mini Zoom Macro 28-80 f3.5-5.6 HF Focus Gear

1 each NX Sigma Mini Zoom Macro 28-80 f3.5-5.6 HF Zoom Gear

1 each AF Nikkor ED 17-354 f 2.98D Zoom Gear

1 each Zoom Gear for Nikon 105 VR usable allone and with

Kenko 1.4 Converter (made by xit404.com)

1 each Sea & Sea Single Strobe Cable 5-pin

1 each Sea & Sea Dual Sync Cable 5-pin

2 Flash-Arms (Combination of Sea&Sea Arm VI with Mike-Dive Arms)

A lot of unused O-Rings, spares, grease etc. are included.

I am interested to sell everything in one lot, my price is EUR 1100,- for the complete listed equipment. The material is located in Germany and can be packed well for shipment.








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