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Canon 7D "cannot communicate with battery" error Repair

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Ive had an issue with my canon 7D for over a year now. The camera would not read the battery and the error message "cannot communicate with battery" was the first thing one would see when you turned it on. Also, a fully charged battery would be dead in about 2 days even when the 7D was powered off. I had a problem last week where the camera would not turn off and the shutter would not release. Removing the battery was the only way to reset I guess? I looked all over the internet to see if anyone has had the same issues......there were lots. Many people suggested different fixes. I read someone had sent their camera back to Canon for repair and that there was a problem with a loose screw on a pc board inside. Being the person I am, I took it upon myself to open the 7D up and take a look. Low and behold, there was a screw that had come off one of the pc boards and was loosely inside the camera. Obviously causing some short to drain the battery, give error message. I put the screw back into its hole on the pc board and reassembled the camera. Works perfect now, no battery issues, no error message. This is something that Canon must be aware of as there is a lot of people on photo forums with the same problem. Its an easy fix but definately not worth the $200 - $500 some people are being charged. Here is a video I made of the simple procedure. :dancing:


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