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FOR SALE - Sony PMW-EX3, Nano/Flash & Amphibico XD X3 Hybrid UW Housing

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FOR SALE - Sony PMW-EX3 camera, Convergent Design Nano/Flash andAmphibico XD X3 Hybrid UW Housing


LOADS OF EXTRAS worth $$$: Including numerous ports, lenses, extra camera housing saddle, O-Ring kits, spares, field spares etc.


Underwater Housing - Professional Production Kit.

Everything you need to shoot professional broadcast quality HD underwater!




There are some minor small marks on the camera from usage but it is in excellent working order and had a full factory service by a Sony service center in January 2013 in the UK. Including a brand new CMOS sensor installed.


The housing is in excellent working order, with a couple of small cosmetic marks due to wear and use but nothing unusual.


Gear is currently in Australia/New Zealand. Pick up is preferred due to weight and cost of shipping, but I’m willing to work on collection/drop off with the right buyer depending on schedule. Can ship if required.



CAMERA KIT & NanoFlash (Sony PMW-EX3)




· Sony PMW-EX3 HD Camera (completely factory serviced and rebuilt in January 2013 for GB pounds 2,500+)

· x4 SD pro-speed 64GB cards & x3 SD converter cards for SD's to be used in the camera.

· x2 SWIT S-8U62 Batteries (used to power camera and NanoFlash simultaneously).

· x1 Sony BP-U30 Battery.

· X1 Sony BC-U1 AC Battery Adaptor/Charger & Adaptor Lead.

· Sony EX3 Operating Manual, Sony EX3 Shoulder Strap, Sony Remote, Fujion Rear Lens Cap.

· 16x9 Inc 85-degree screw on wide-angle attachment lens.

· 16x9 Inc 90-degree screw on wide-angle attachment lens.

· Kata Camera bag for Sony PMW-EX3 and accessories.

· Convergent Design NanoFlash HD-SD 4:2:2 recorder, x2 sets (duplicate) of SDI and Power cables for this item.

· Delkin CF Cards for NanoFlash, x4 32GB pro-speed cards.

· Porta-brace weather and rain cover for Sony PMW-EX3.


PRICE: US $3,500 (sold with housing, see full price)









UNDERWATER HOUSING KIT: (Amphibico XD Hybrid for EX3)


Amphibico HD X3 Professional UW housing for Sony PMW-EX3 & NanoFlash



· Amphibico X3 Hybrid U/W Housing for Sony EX3 & Convergent Design NanoFlash


· x2 X3 90-degree Wide Angle Ports (used with 16x9 lens)


· x2 X3 Standard Flat Port (used without wide angle lens)


· x1 X3 Dome Port (used without wide angle lens)


· x1 X3 housing camera tray/saddle (this in an extra one, spare)


· x1 White balance & color/focus chart (New)


· LOTS of trim weights in various sizes for trimming the housing in the water


· Misc O-ring kits for everything, spare parts, numerous additional servicing items etc


· Storm Case iM2975 travel case by Pelican Cases OR blue travel customized plastic box with padding that weighs less than the Storm case, but does not have wheels. BUYERS choice. I personally have travelled with the blue case as housing and port is under 50 lbs/23kg.




From Amphibico website:


Released into the depths, a brand new member of the Amphibicam®family of underwater professional housings...the XDAmphibicam X3 for the Sony®PMWEX3.


Specifically designed for the Sony PMW-EX3 camcorder and Convergent Designs nanoFlash recorder. This Hybrid delight is a compact housing that boasts the full access of the Sony PMW-EX3 camcorder controls and has an optional built in accessory panel to access the Convergent Designs NanoFlash recorder.


The optional accessory panel accesses the Convergent Designs nanoFlash recorder using mechanical buttons to have full control of the recorders functions. With the seamless design of the product any professional will be able to reach beyond his potential producing stunning results.


With a ton of features to keep any pro thrilled, you will find all the important features such as White Balance, ND Filter, Gain, Shutter Speed, Iris, Zoom, and Manual Focus are all at your fingertips.


Superior balancing and handling
Sooner than you expect, in its underwater debut, it shows off its finest moments with superior balancing and handling. It brings to the videographer a sense of being one with the housing while allowing any diver the freedom to enjoy the experience.


Great ergonomic design
Great ergonomic design follows in the wake of past Amphibico greats, like the HD Amphibicam F900.


Meticulous engineering
Amphibico's continued innovation brings to the forefront the meticulous engineering that satisfies the most discerning videographer, who expects no less than perfection.


High quality professional video
High Definition images that dazzle the eye with a splendour of sharpness making this a must have for any videographer seeking to add high quality professional video edits to their portfolio.


A prosumers delight, this compact housing boasts the full access of the Sony® PMW-EX3 camcorder controls.

 With a ton of features to keep anypro thrilled, you will find all the important features such as White Balance, ND Filter, Gain, Shutter Speed, Iris, Zoom, and Manual Focus are all at your fingertips.

 Some might call it the little brother of the HD Amphibicam with matching features, except it is better suited for travel with its compact size.




10 Electronic push button controls to access up to 14 functions:

o Record/Pause

o Record/Review

o Auto/Manual IRIS

o Gain selection

o Manual white balance

o Feature to toggle between WB A, B and preset

o Shutter ON/OFF

o Shutter speed selection

o Menu display

o Menu navigation panel (cancel, +, -, exec)


Mechanical Controls:

o Mechanical power ON/OFF switch

o Mechanical controlled ND filter selection

o Mechanical controlled manual focus wheel

o Electronic variable zoom wheel

o Manual Iris wheel


Mechanical Controls on NanoFlash:

o Full access to all NanoFlash buttons through housing interface


XD Amphibicam X3 Hybrid Features:

o Marine Grade Aluminum Construction

o Fully Anodized with a hard coat of Polyurethane paint and a clear coat

o All Hardware is Marine Grade Brass and Stainless Steel

o Optics: Marine Bayonet Mounted Lens System, Dome Port.

o Equipped with a window to view the camcorder's own HD LCD Monitor

o Colorbar display

o Sensitive Dual Hydrophones to pick up high frequency sounds, such as whales and dolphins

o Tally light flashes green while filming

o Visual & audio leak alarms on both grips

o Secure Lockable Safety Latches

o Bayonet Mounted Lens System

o x4 Auxiliary ports to serve as video out or audio feeds



o Depth Rating: 330 ft (100m)


Weight of unit

o On land:
With weight ballasts ready to dive with camera: 45.9 lbs (20.8 kg)

o Without weight ballasts, but with camera: 41.9lbs (19.0 kg)

o Without weight ballasts or camera: 34.8 lbs (15.8kg)

o In Water: Neutral (trim weighting advise offered with sale)



o Length 23.5 inches (540mm)

o Width 15.1 inches (384mm)

o Height 14.5 inches (368 mm)


PRICE: US $6,000 (sold with camera, see full price below below)


TOTAL PRICE for both camera and housing kits: US $9,500 ono

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Hi , Im guessing that you probably want to sell both as a package, would you consider separately ?

Very interested in camera, and in Perth, just no need for the housing.

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