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I’m selling my underwater photography system, Sea & Sea’s well-regarded DX-1G, more about which can be read at Sea & Sea’s website here: http://www.seaandsea.jp/products/compact/dx1g/ Going for $300 plus shipping.


The 1G is Ricoh’s Caplio GX100 modified for Sea & Sea with an extra underwater mode. So I bought a GX100 for a backup camera, and then a few adjuncts for that. The GX100 does not have the underwater mode, which is a blue corrector for available light shots in open water. There are several reviews online for these/this camera.


All items are in good shape. The DX-1G has been on over three dozen dives here on the California coast and it has always worked perfectly. I’ve been assiduous in cleaning it after every dive day, both letting it soak in fresh water, and sloshing it about for 60 seconds, as well as compressing all the buttons while immersed.


For macro work there is a Sea & Sea Close-Up Lens Ring which is basically just a ring of hard plastic with 62mm threads that bayonets on and off the housing in front of the lens port. I use a 62mm to 58mm step-down ring to attach the old Hydrophoto #2 and #3 diopters I used to use on my Nikonos system. (Unfortunately these two diopters don't have the threading to allow them to be stacked.) The inside rims of both diopters can be seen when the camera is at its widest angle, so you have to zoom a little to get them out of the shot. The Close-Up Lens Ring is attached by a sturdy string to the housing and is very easy to bayonet on and off underwater. I’ve painted a small white triangle on it to aid in mounting.


The GX100 I’ve hardly used at all, preferring to keep it wrapped and stored until needed. It comes with Ricoh’s VF-1 viewfinder, which worked great the few times I tried it, and Ricoh’s HA-2 Hood and Adapter for Wide and Tele lenses that you screw into its 43mm threads. There’s also an aftermarket polarizing filter for cutting down glare. These are all, of course, for above water shots.


The whole kit and caboodle includes:

Sea & Sea DX-1G Housing and Camera

Ricoh GX100 Camera

Sea & Sea Close-Up Lens Ring

Hydrophoto #2 and #3 Close-Up Diopters

62 to 58mm Step-Down Ring, for mounting Diopters to the Lens Ring

Ricoh VF-1 removable LCD Viewfinder with case

Ricoh HA-2 Hood and Adapter

CPL 48mm adjustable Polarizing Filter

Battery Charger and three camera Batteries

Camera to USB port Cable and AV Cable

Spare Sea & Sea O-Ring and tube of silicone O-Ring Grease

Instruction Manuals for both the 1G and the GX100


-Please email me with any questions you might have.






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