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Olympus PT-EP05L Underwater Housing and TWO Olympus Pen E-PL3 Cameras

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Olympus PT-EP05L Underwater Housing and TWO (2) Olympus Pen E-PL3 Cameras


Olympus PT-EP05L Housing - The housing is in excellent condition. The only item not functioning are the 4 LED lights. We never used them. - Read the reviews of the housing and you'll see they create more backscatter then improvements in the picture. Look at all the new Olympus housings and you will see they discontinued the LED lights. All buttons and knobs on the housing rotate/push freely and no corrosion is evident. The o-ring is in excellent condition and a tube of silicone grease is included. The flash window cover, lcd hood, and TWO port caps are included. The strobe deflector is also included and has never been used. Four (4) Olympus silica packets are included - we never used them and the housing NEVER fogged. The standard port is included. The zoom ring for the included 14-42 lens is also included. Optional ports from Olympus and Nauticam are available for other lenses.

Olympus Pen E-PL3 Cameras - Two cameras are included. Both camera bodies are in "LIKE NEW" condition. No scratches, marks, nicks, and the LCD screens are clean and free of scratches. One of the bodies has only been used as a backup a couple of times. The other body has been safely kept in the housing. Both include the flash unit in their storage bags and are in Like New condition.

Olympus 14-42 lenses - Two are included. One of the 14-42mm lenses is in perfect condition and has the zoom ring for the housing installed. The other lens often causes an ERROR on the camera panel when zoomed. Although it looks new (and was only used a couple times), consider it "for parts only".


- Three (3) Olympus lithium ion batteries

- Two (2) Olympus battery chargers

- Two (2) sets of original USB cables

- Two (2) sets of original A/V cables

- Two (2) Olympus neck straps

- One (1) 8MB SD Card

- All lens caps and body caps


- Manual

- Original boxes

Currently listed on EBAY for $699. Will take $650 through Wetpixel and will ship for free.

View ebay listing for additional photos.


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Jason - I think I'm interested in this. I'm reading the post to say that the only items that aren't in "near-new" condition are:


- The LED macro focus lights on the housing (probably better served by having an external focus light anyway?)

- One of the two lenses giving error messages.


Are the two little rubber push caps that hold fiber optic cable and the flash diffuser included? I can't tell from the picture.


Were you using this with external strobes or just with the flash that comes with the camera (inside the housing).


I think I'm interested. I'm new to WetPixel - do we have a way of private messaging to discuss further?




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Dave - I've sent you a message. Check your inbox.


You read the post correctly. The system is in excellent condition except for the two items listed above.


I think I have one of the double hole fiber optic plugs somewhere, but I didn't have it included. I can probably find it for you. We used dual Sea & Sea strobes and the fiber optic connectors just push into those same plug holes. If you are just going to use a straight fiber optic wire, the plugs are available from Reef Photo for $2.95 each and have two holes already in them.


I would highly recommend external strobes.



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