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Ikelite Housing (ports, arms, D80 with lens) complete setup

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Ikelite housing, ports, arms for Nikon D80. Camera, strobe and 10-17mm lens if interested in those as well (with the housing).

Payment by Paypal. Any additional questions or additional pictures just let me know. Reply or PM me

All items are in excellent condition and look new.

Price does not include shipping or PayPal fees

------Housing package - $750

Ikelite 6808.1 TTL Housing for Nikon D80

Ikelite Flat port F/LENs 3.1-4.125 " IK5502.41

Ikelite zoom clamp/sleeve 5509.28

Ikelite Dome port F/LENs up to 3" IK5503

Ikelite zoom clamp 9059.8 / zoom sleeve 0073

Ikelite Sync Cord F/IKEL to 1 Niko Strobes IK4116.31

Additional Porthole cap IK0200.91


Base adapter for Ikelite SLR release handle

3 clamp sets

Adapter Nikonos 103, 105

Arm 8" double ball

Arm 5" double ball

U/W Kinetics Tundra case

-----Housing package to sell first then these can be added on at these costs for those ports and housing

Nikon D80 - $150

Nikonos SB105 strobe - $50

Nikkor 60mm F2.8D AF - $250

Tokina 10-17 F3.5-4.5 DX - $320


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