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"Mouth" Diving with Great Whites at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

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Video from my excursion to Isla Guadalupe, Mexico to dive with Great White sharks. Voyage to the island on the "Islander". My dive master was Jimi Partington with Doc Anes as a supporting marine biologist. Highly recommend this group for the professionalism, skill, and safety concerns when diving with one of nature's most formidable apex predators. Taken with a tiny Panasonic T3 camera,,, the Panasonic T1 was my first underwater camera of any quality. I've since moved up to a nice Olympus TG-1 system with a UFL-2 strobe and Nocturnal Lights focus/video light system. Currently, looking for a housing for my Olympus EM-1 and looking forward to a much improved image quality for my future adventures in the Blue.



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