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For Sale: Bluefin Pro housing, Sony Camcorder & Wide Angle Lens

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For sale: Full underwater HD video kit: Light and Motion Bluefin Pro Housing, Standard and Fathom 90 Wide Angle Lens, and Sony HDR-XR520 camera (includes manuals for housing and camera).

Equipment used on 8 dive trips.

For sale: US$1,500. Gear located in Troy, Michigan. Happy to ship worldwide but freight will be added to final agreed price.

• Light and Motion Bluefin Pro housing: includes 3.2 OLED monitor, external manual control knob (can be programmed for focus, aperture, exposure, etc), one touch white balance, internal flip color correction filters (one for blue water, and one for green water).

• Sony HDR-XR520 camera (US plug) and accessories (with 240GB hard drive)

• Spare extended life battery (6 hours) for camera (NP-FH100)

• Fathom 90 lens (no scratches)

• Flip macro diopter (for close up video)

• New Batteries in Remote handles

• Spare parts: orings for housing and handles

• Various tools needed for camera (allen keys, tool for removing & tightening handle threads)

Purchased July 2009 (Total cost of all gear was US $4,800). All parts are in working order, except the wet/dry microphone on the housing does not function (it never has). You really can’t hear much under water except breathing, so this hasn’t been an issue. The camcorder microphone is fully functional out of the housing.

Condition of kit: normal wear and tear. Continues to take excellent video.

I have upgraded to a new Canon camera and housing, and that is why I am selling.






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Is this available??? I'm ready to buy. Please email me at dbuky1@gmail.com. Thanks!

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