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Port for Nauticam NA-EM5 Housing

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I decide to buy the Olympus OM-D E-M5 with the Nauticam NA-EM5 Housing.

The first lens will be the 12-50 (will add more lens later when I will have the budget. The 60 mm will be the first)


My dilemma is about the port.

Those are the option I saw on the net.


1.Port 65 For Olympus 60mm for 300 $

Can be use for the 12-50 too.

But I will need to add the Nauticam Zoom Gear for Olympus 12-50mm Lens 550 $

And the Nauticam Focus Gear For Olympus 60mm for the manuel focus 170$

The thread is 67 mm so I can add a diopter directly

Totally 1,020$


2. Nauticam 12-50mm port and zoom ring kit 800$

That’s include the zoom gear and I can switch to macro during the dive.

The thread is 77 mm so I need the Nauticam Flip Diopter Holder for M77 Macro Port 260$

But I can add any 77 to 67 thread


my question is about manuel focus with the 60mm in this port

will I be able to do it or I need the Nauticam Focus Gear For Olympus 60mm here too?


3. Nauticam 4" Wide Angle Port for Olympus 9-18mm 480$

This one fit the 12-50, 60 and 9-18mm

But not sure if there is a zoom gear for the 12-50 with port or if you can attach a diopter.


Thanks, Hezi Shohat

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Hi, i've the same configuration.
I've started with 12-50 and 9-18 on 4" semidome.
for 9-18 i've buyed the original zoom gear, for the12-50 a compatible one :


later i've added the m67 flip port for 4" semidome :

NAUTICAM M67 flip diopter holder for 36137









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Thanks for you replay


And I understand that you can't switch to macro on the 12-50 during the dive


Correct, but zooming to 50mm and adding a flip m67 (+5 or +10) will be good (imho).


My next purchase will be the 60mm macro.

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one more question


for peoples that own both the 12-50 and 9-18

how often do you use the 12-50


9-18 is not too wide and sound food for general dive

just wondering what do you use most

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You should be able to find a series of threads on this issue here and in the Olympus section of Scubaboard. Regarding the issue of a flat port you have several choices. The first port choice is the most expensive Nauticam choice which includes the rather complex gear that allows the 12-50 lens to be locked in the 43mm "macro" mode. This is NOT a true 1:1 macro, for that you need the 60mm macro lens. Regarding zooming the 12-50 you have the choice of a power zoom like the Nauticam zoom/macro gear or a manual zoom gear like the after market gears from Deepshot and several others. The aftermarket gears are around $100.00US and only zoom between 12 and 50mm they do not allow you to lock in the 43mm macro function. Next you have the ability to power zoom between 12 and 50mm (nothing in between) with an in camera function accessed through the up/down arrows.


So the choice is 12-50 zoom and $800.00US Nauticam port to get 43mm "macro" or about $800.00 to get the $300.00 Nauticam 65 port and the 60mm lens for your true1:1 macro needs. The 60 macro has significantly better image quality than the 43mm function on the 12-50. If you use the 50mm end of the 12-50 and a +10 closeup lens you will get about the same magnification as the 43mm function.


The you have the choice of the 9-18 and 7-14 lenses. If you own on of these lenses with the detected port along with the 60 macro you may never use the 12-50 zoom again, that is the case with me. I do use the 12-40mm zoom from time to time but it is a much more expensive lens.


Using the 12-50 or the 60mm macro behind a dome port works but be aware that you will gain wider angle of view on the wide end of the lens (12-50) and loose magnification at 50mm and 60mm with both lenses.


Regarding the manual focus gear for the 60mm macro, I have one and I would say it has been used for well less than 1% of all of the U/W images I have taken. The AF with this lens is excellent and when used with a focusing light manual focus is not really all that useful.


The attached image was taken with the 60mm macro and SAGA +15 closeup lens using auto focus.


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Hi Phil

first, this is a great picture. i know haw small they are...


I think I will buy the flat 65 port for the 60mm&12-50

and later add the 9-18 mm or maybe 7-14 with the dome port (after I will try it with other friends ports)


thanks you


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Hello Hezi


I too went down the route of using the 65 port for both the 60mm macro, which is a great lens, and also for the 12-50mm which came with the camera. I have also used a +10 diopter with the 12-50 at the 50mm end its OK, but the wide angle end (12mm) suffers behind the flat port. I use the zoom gear from Austria.


I concur with Phil about the focus gear as I very seldom need to use the one I bought for the 60mm lens and I would suggest not getting it.


I would like a wide angle zoom and a dome port, but am still undecided which way to go.


I also have the 8mm panasonic fisheye lens and the 3.5" port which works well for CFWA shots

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