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Complete port chart for Olympus & nauticam housings for micro four thirds camera

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Well it is finally time for me to release my complete port charts for the Olympus and Nauticam housings for the micro four thirds cameras.

What this basically means, is that if you use an Olympus or Nauticam housing and want to know what all the port options are and which lenses are, or could be, compatible.

I have been working on these lists for the last two months or so using forums, hunting down port charts and comparing them.

Everything is done by me (Enoshima) and by hand, meaning that there is a possibility that I have made a mistake.

The charts are split in the three different port types (Olympus PEN port, Olympus OMD port and Nauticam port).

The gear possiblities are in a seperate tab.

A lot of the chart is based on the official charts (olympus, Nauticam, Athena)

All unofficial parts of the list are marked in color and have a note giving the basis of the (unofficial) compatibility. Some are more likely then others (same port only for PEN in stead of OMD, others more vague

What is surprising, is that the olympus OMD port, which many think has very limited options, has the most port availability. More than Nauticam.

This is ofcourse counting many unofficial compatibility options.

I would really appreciate it if you can help me to verify the unofficial parts of the chart. If you have a certain port and lens combination that is marked as unofficial, but unconfirmed, please post here and I will update the list.


Since Wetpixel does not allow me to upload the excel files directly, here are the link to the folder in my google drive with the files:



There is a "last updated" date in all the list (see the notes).

These are the currently uploaded versions:

Olympus OMD: 11-2-2015

Olympus PEN: 11-2-2015

Nauticam: 17-2-2015 (Previous version 12-2-2015, added 65mm macro to oly 12-50 and removed incorrect 30mm extension for 4.33 dome on Pana 8mm and oly 12mm)



There are also a lot of lenses that currently have no zoom/focus gear, or are simly very expensive.

If you want a gear that is currently not there, go over to http://www.Deepshots.co.uk.

He helped me a bit with the gear part of the port charts and will also make gears on request.


If you have any comments on the lists, please post them.

When I have time I will definitly look at them and I will try to keep them updated.

Feel free to post the link to the lists anywhere.

You can also use parts of the list elsewhere, as long as you don't claim it as your own.


As for myself, I currently have very little money (buying an E-M1 and underwater housing will do that to your wallet) and only have the E-M1 and olympus standard port (PPT-EP01) by using the Zen adapter and the port from my old PT-EP01.

The lens is my trusting 12-50mm with D&D custom zoomgear.

I will soon upgrade using the very affordable ports from AOI.

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I have found the charts very useful.

However I see some issues.


For these sets:

Panasonic Lumix G Fisheye 8mm f3.5 4.33" dome 36132 *21 Olympus M. Zuiko 12mm F2.0 4.33" dome 36132 *21


is not required :

*21 requires extension, 36630 Mini extension port 30



For lens Olympus M. Zuiko ED 12-50mm f3.5-6.3 EZ I use alternate Nauticam port

Macro port 65 - 36163*7 with Austrian D&D zoom ring

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Dear Droplet,


You are right, with the Fisheye and 12mm only the 4.33" dome is required.

With adding the names to the numbers I must have made a copy Paste error.

I will go over the Nauticam official chart again today to doublecheck everything.


I have updated the chart for the 4.33" dome and have added the 65mm macro port to the chart as unofficial, but confirmed working.

Thank you for the feedback.

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Well, aparently I cannot keep editing my original post, so I'll just add new info as a new post.

I have updated a small error in the list (nauticam and PEN charts mentioned PT-EP08/11).

I have renamed the Nauticam to also reflect the many Panasonic mFT camera housings.


And I have been adding a lot more charts:

- mFT housing chart - All possible ports for all Panasonic, Olympus and Blackmagic mFT cameras and the used port.

- Aquatica port chart

- Recsea port chart

- Subal port chart

- 10Bar port chart

- Ikelite port chart


After a while, when I have confirmed a lot more of the unofficial port compatibilties (especially in Nauticam/Olympus chart) I will add a merged document, to allow quick compare between the port options of different brand housings.

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Thank you Enoshima for this very comprehensive chart. Must have took you a while to put that together :)

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