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PENTAX LX Underwaterhousing from UK-GERMANY with Domeport and 2nd backplate

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I'm selling an underwaterhousing for a PENTAX LX camera manufactured by UK-GERMANY. It comes with a domeport for i.e. the 24mm lens. The housing looks like new and has been revised by the company not too long ago, as well as the housing has never been in the water since the revision. Along comes a second backplate for the use of a different 45° viewfinder instead of the standard FC-1 viewfinder. You'd need a winder as well so that the film will be transported automatically to the next picture. I can sell a Pentax LX camera as well, if you want it, but I prefer to keep it.

I'm asking 500 Euro fix for it. In my eyes that is a very fair price. International shipping is no problem. Will be between 15-35 Euro, depending on the country of course.







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