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Research & Conservation Opportunity to Tubbataha Reefs on a liveaboard

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Hi guys,


I just wanted to invite you on a unique expedition to the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park and UNESCO Heritage Site.


This May 14 we'll be embarking on a research liveaboard vessel from Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines.


The main goal is to assess the shark & ray biodiversity of the Park. This also includes understanding the movement and residency patterns of some of the species that visit the park. Working closely with the Park's management office (Tubbataha Management Office), we have put together a team of experts in different fields to bring about shark & ray conservation from one of the last heavens of South East Asia. The team is coming from all over the world, and we have secured a few bits that will enhance the science that'll supply conservation change:


- Satellite tags for whale sharks & tiger sharks

- Remote Underwater Videocameras (RUVs)

- Quadcopters & fixed-wing drones

- Acoustic receiver (cetaceans, plankton, vessel movement)


We've had a researcher based at the Tubbataha Ranger's station since early March, already collecting RUV footage from around the atolls. He has confirmed the presence of:


- Tigers

- Scalloped hammerheads

- White, blacktip reef sharks

- Grey reef sharks

- Mobula sp. rays

- Whale sharks

- Leopard & bamboo sharks


The plan would be to meet, greet and brief in Puerto Princesa on the 13th of May, and start cruising on the 14th. We will then have lectures on shark & ray research and conservation techniques. We will finish the work at Tubbataha on the 23rd and cruise back that evening ready to arrive in Puerto Princesa on the 24th May. That is a total of 10 nights on the vessel.

The prices of the expedition is $3,000 (USD). All proceeds go to the full realisation of the expedition.


The vessel is a research vessel so not a top-end liveaboard and therefore some of the amenities are basic. All food, snacks and soft drinks are included in the total price. So is unlimited diving (up to 4 dives a day) and weights. Dive equipment is not included but it is available for rent in Puerto Princesa. Insurance & flights to/from Puerto are also not included.


We are a consortium of US, Italian and Filipino NGOs and have tax-deductible benefits on each respective country.


For any more information please contact us on info@lamave.org

We look forward to hearing from you and have an infopack ready for those interested.

Best wishes,


Science Director


Large Marine Vertebrates Project Philippines





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One spot just opened up! If interested get in touch asap.


Departure date: May 14th evening from Puerto Princesa. Equipment available for rent in town at a reasonable price.


Get in touch,


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