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Ribeiro dos Santos

Subtronic support did it again! Be aware.

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Hello all,


This is one of my first posts, and not for the best reasons, I'm afraid.

I have a Black Subtronic Nova with a I 06 version of Heinrichs Weikamp ttl converter built inside.

Bought it from E-Bay around 2013 and always happy with it.

Used on a Nikon D70 and later on a D7100 which I'm using right now. Strange as it seems, the ttl worked flawlessly on the two cameras until I sent the unit to repair.


On January this year the strobe had a problem and didn't fire anymore. I was in Gili Trawangan, North Lombok, Indonesia. Opened the unit to see if something could be done, and it smelled burnt on the inside. Took pictures, mailed Subtronic and decided to send it to repair in Germany.

That cost me close do 200 USD through DHL, but I needed it and could not find a replacement.


On 27th February it was sent back. It was really fast repair. I payed 405 euros, including shipping. I had it sent to Singapore since I needed to go there anyway, and I would be easier with customs. (Where I payed 60 SGD more). That was expensive but I really had no option.


Collected it tested it alone and it fired. I thought it was all right.

Then, returned back to Indonesia and on 10th April (after buying a second, refurbished unit from Subtronic) when I did a test before diving, with the strobe attached to the housing, there was no TTL anymore (nor manual, on the digital entrance).


E-mailed Subtronic, who stated that the TTL unit was working when they tested in there. Now the sad/funny part begins:

-They were trying to make me believe the TTL version could not work with Nikon D7100! It worked before, hundreds of times!

-Then they tried to make me believe it was bulkhead or cable failure, stating that it if a single connection was not good, the digital entrance wouldn't work at all, even on manual. That was not true also, since my previous Nauticam bulkhead had a pin broken from using Sea and Sea cables, and the digital entrance worked with that (just not in TTL).


So now I have a pair of Subtronic Novas, with no TTL, I'm on Labuan Bajo, close to Komodo, and Subtronic doesn't assume the problem!!!!

They lied to me regarding the way ttl worked, they lied me regarding cable connection, just not to mention that there was no other option than the ttl was burnt when my strobe was there for repair.


Next time (there will be no next time for me anyway), that something from Subtronic cease working, better to buy something new from other brand.


Just to let you know.


P.S. - I have bills, mails and photos to support everything I'm stating.





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Sad to read a grim report on their customer service. Unfortunately I found a similar story (blaming the user for a faulty product) on german forums, calling for a lawyer...


I am now in a difficult position, because wanted to get the pro160's for my rx100IV, but I want to make sure that I don't "upgrade" my rock solid s2000's for trouble.

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