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Nautilus Lifeline Personal Locators—2 of them

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Nautilus Lifeline Personal Locators—2 of them, 1 for you & 1 for your dive buddy. This handhold device is secured in a cordura holster for easy access from where it hangs on your BC. You may dive frequently and not think of it, but if a current sweeps you out of sight, this device can save your life. LCD display gives exact GPS coordinates—coordinates are also transmitted in an 8-mile radius. Device is also a VHF radio for instant communication to base vessel. The red button can also send a Mayday distress signal with GPS coordinates to Coast Guard or other marine patrol vessels. A critical device for the coral triangle or anywhere subject to current.

Both these locators are like new—carried on one trip, 10 days, never used. Cost on each is $300 + $35 for the nylon holster. $375 takes the pair. 5½ x 2½ x 1¾ You pay shipping.


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