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I read Adam's preview on this camera today:




Like the idea of the super slo-mo for critter behavior documentation


and I'm trying to decide between this and the Panasonic LX100


Does anyone know if the control set remains the same as the RX100-III?


Hoping of course that it will fit into an existing RX100-3 housing.




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I put an RX100 IV into a Nauticam RX100 III housing.


Only half the controls work. The power button, mode dial, control ring in front for manual focus, and shutter buttons all work.


The four way D-pad type controller part with center button and the jog dial do not. The movie button, custom button, and playback do not either.


So, all the buttons on the top and front of the unit work. All the ones on the back do not. It's pretty much unusuable to me unless it's in Auto mode.


Although they say the bodies are identical, they are actually millimeters different enough that it makes a big difference in the housing. I was looking to upgrade but unfortunately still keeping my RX100III.

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