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Best shore diving around Bali or Area

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Hey Crew


I've got 1 week in Bali on a budget.


Any suggestions for the best shore diving on Bali or Lombok? etc




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Tulumben has really good shore diving, Cal. The wreck of the Liberty is a very easy and fun beach dive - and worth several runs at it; and the macro dive site, Coral Garden, is close by. Again, worth a number of dives.


You could happily spend, say, 3 days diving there.



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Agreed. The setup at Tulamben is best for easy shore diving even if the rocky shore can be a dome port (or ankle) hazard in rough water. You have a variety of sites like the wreck, sandy bottom, wall, coral fields all within reach.
My budget buddies usually stay at the Paradise, a decent if a bit old and run down place. For $30 a night, you can't ask for much more. They have a dive ops which will supply tanks. You just have to arrange for the porter ladies to lug it down to the beach for you depending on where you want to dive. If you are looking for tiny subjects, I'd suggest you hire a guide or dive with an ops like Tulamben Wreck Divers who have experienced guides for photogs looking for tiny things. Or just have a 20x glass magnifier and try your luck with a stick.
The cheap, good and simple food of Wayan is still a fave of mine. Enjoy your trip! It's a wonderful place to dive a week away.

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Hi Cal,


If you are going to Tulamben then you can't miss Seraya's Secret, just in front of Scuba Seraya, fantastic muck dive, I have dived it very regularly over a period of 5 years and it never disappoints! Bring a 100mm Macro.


Highlights at Seraya's Secret:

-Harlequin Shrimp

-Tiger Shrimp

-Various tiny frogfish

-Ghost Pipefish

-Both common and Pygmy Seahorses

-Lots of nudies


About 1km further North-west of there in front of a Temple there is another great muck site, the dive-site is called Melasti and since a few years there has been a sign on the side of the street pointing to the entry point. Bring a 60mm Macro.


Highlights at Melasti:

Giant Frogfish

Rhinopias (they used to be at 32m, straight down from the middle of the small reef past the artificial reef)

Coleman Shrimp

Doto Sp (Donut Nudibranch)

Leaf Scorpionfish

Broadclub cuttlefish

Lots of Ribbon Eels, blue, yellow and black

Ornate Ghost Pipefish

Hairy Shrimp


Both divesites are 5min by car south-east of Tulamben, get a good guide to take you there and you will have a great time, enjoy!



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