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Gates Ex1 Underwater Housing with Sony PMW Ex-1 Camera (Full-Underwater Camera Set With Greenforce Video lights and monitor)

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This underwater camera set worked in around 20 documentaries/featured film/short movies. This set will allow you to shoot 16:9 HD 1920 x 1080 format with excellent lighting/illumination. The maintenance of the set has been done recently this year. The batteries and lights of the video lights has been changed recently. Along with the set, I will give out sony battery charger , 2 batteries used with nano converter. battery chargers for the video light batteries 2 sony hard disk shell, 2 Gates bouancy tubes.

Some works where this equipment was used;

- Yemekteydik ve Karar Verdim - Feature Lenght movie

- Anatolian Tales - Featured Documentary (will be released in June)

- Bluefish - Prince of Bosphorus (Featured documentary in production )

- Dusky Grouper : (Featured documentary in production )

- IRME-A sponge Diver Movie (Award winning short movie)

- Labyrinth TV Documentary TVPRO (Netherlands-Curacao)


- HET klokhius TV Documentary NTR (Netherlands-Curacao,corals)

- HET klokhius TV Documentary NTR (Netherlands-Curacao,sponges)


- Underwater world Heritage: Short doc

Sahika Ercumen Freediver Trailer


- Kas Underwater Marine Life Trailer

- Bodrum Underwater Marine Life Trailer

- Eilat Red Sea Marine Life Trailer

- Twilight ROV Trailer

When bought the total price of the set was 31.000 USD.

THE SET is involved of :

GATES EX1R Housing


GATES EM43 High Resolution Monitor

GATES Flat Port

GATES macro Port and filters (+1,+2, +4) + color filters

GATES Fathom SWP44c Port

GATES HID Squid 250 w/FIII Batt. 2 pieces

GATES Diopter Kit

GATES underwater tripod

Convergent design Nano flash converter 4.2.2 recording device

2 Peli hard case

Note: warming dives can be made if buyer comes for this training. Or I can walk you through safe usage of the came set, cleaning assembly, disassembly and etc.










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14.000 $


The set is 3.5 years old, purchased around late 2011. We paid around 31.000 $

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I am interested in your rig for sale, but I cannot get close to $14000 for the value. The camera was $7900 when new and the housing would be similar. Of course there are other domes etc, but they are not more than $1000 each new. Given the camera is out of production and came out in 2006, we are talking about 10 year old technology? What is your realistic price for this rig?

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Hi Rhodiediver, thanks for your question.


Here is the items in the rig. Please add them up and tell me what do you want to pay for the rig. The rig is in perfect condition. Check out the prices for the video lights, dome port, nano flash (used for gathering 4.4.2. video output instead of Sony Ex-1's native 4.4.0 output) and the monitor. You will see why!





1x Sony PMW-EX1R XDCAM EX Full HD Camcorder $7900

1X Gates EX1R Underwater Housing $8500

1X Moisture Alarm: $167
1X Microphone: $210
1X EM43 High Resolution Monitor $2325
1X Gates flat port p44 $450 (macro)
1X Gates Fathom Imaging SWP44c Super Wide Port $4948
2X Gates Green Force HID 250 Video Lights with FIII Batteries $4475

1X Nano Flash Convergent Design 2995$

2X Hoodman 32GB SxS memory adapters with 32GB SDHC Cards: $179x4= $716

1X Internal flip diopter system w/ close up diopter $400

1X Standard SP44 (Dome) Port, (*paid $450)

1X New O-Ring Kit $50

1X Gates Tripod $575

2X Bouancy Tubes tubes are $158

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Thanks for getting back to me. Please send me your email, so we can communicate off the public domain. I am at rhodiediver@gmail.com



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Did you sell this rig? Do you know if I found a SPW44C would it work for the PXW-Z100 housing? I guess I could call gates.

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Hello mgokalp,

do you still have this equipment?


i'm interested on the flat port FP44C for Gates EX1 Housing.


I don't know if anybody will see this reply.

Please mgokalp send me an e-mail if you still have this equipment.


My e-mail was: dvalverdebproduccions@gmail.com


Thank you so much

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