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5dIII/16-35 F4L/8 inch dome/wrong port extension

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Hi Guys,


The good news is that I'm leaving for the Bahamas for a week of diving and UW photography very soon. The bad news is that I won't have the correct combination of camera/lens/port extension/dome for my trip. I have a 5dIII and 16-35 F4L housed in an Aquatica housing with the 8 inch acrylic dome port. The correct port extension isn't yet available. I should mention that there is a manual focus port extension that is available but I don't imagine ever using the manual focus capability and am hesitant to purchase that extension for that reason. I do have the port extension for the 17-40 F4L that I previously shot with. I will use that ICW a +2 diopter on my 16-35 f4 in hopes of getting descent results but have no idea how this will really work.


Has anyone else tried this combination that can tell me if it works and what my results are likely to be?



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