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San Miguel with Immersed Imaging

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Nineteen intrepid divers joined Todd Winner for a 3-day (Thurs-Sat) dive trip on the Peace to San Miguel Island (and Santa Cruz/Flame Reef) last week. Todd (with Michael Ziegler) runs Immersed Imaging and he ran a great trip. We left Ventura on Wednesday midnight and woke up at San Miguel to bright, hot, sunny weather. We did 5 dives on Thursday and found tons of interesting critters, lots of nudibranchs, small shrimp and a several amphipods that mimic some common nudibranchs. Late Thursday the wind came up and we spent the night at Santa Rosa but Friday morning we were back for another 5 dives at Miguel. Again the wind came up and again we overnighted at Santa Rosa and woke up at Flame Reef (one of my favorite SOCAL dive sites). Three dives later we were heading for home. The crew of the Peace did their usual fabulous job, with awesome food and great service on the dive deck. The only hiccup on the trip was an odd incident where a photographer absently minded dropped a rechargeable battery in the toaster (guilty as charged) perhaps to warm it up for the cool water. During the trip Todd graciously shared his photographic knowledge (but sadly not his skill) with many of the newer photographers on board and we all had a great time. If you get a chance and you can fit into an Immersed Imaging trip you will have a great time.



Photos to come


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