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i-Torch Pro6 LED video lights, Ikelite DS51 strobe kit, i-Das WA M67 lens, Ikelite trays

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Clearing out the dive locker and selling the following equipment:

2 i-Torch Pro6 2400 lumens LED video lights, used twice and in excellent condition. 2 Chargers and 4 batteries are included with the lights and only 2 batteries have been charged and used. The other batteries are unused. Also included, YS ball attachments for each light and 2 i-Das clamps. Complete set, $550.

Ikelite DS51 strobe, sync cord and ball arm kit (#3944.51). Uses 4 AA batteries, not included. New, unused, $400.

I-Das UAL-02-M67 Wide Angle Lens. New, unused, $125.

Ikelite dual arm tray (#9523.64) with i-Das ball adapters, includes attaching hardware, New, $90

Ikelite single arm tray (#9523.63), includes attaching hardware, New, $45

Ikelite single arm tray, OLD MODEL, used and in fair condition. Slight flaking and light corrosion in the usual places (lower outside edge of the handle, and open groove in the middle of the tray), $30.

All prices include shipping to the Continental US and payment is by Paypal.






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