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Nauticam G7X with CMC

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Hi Guys,

yesterday i went diving with my new "set-up" gears

I added 2 Mega arms Inons for my kits

here is the picture





I was surprised by how heavy this kits.

Last week I went diving without Inon mega arms. I was Super heavy underwater. I can't take a macro picture by using one hand only, it was too heavy...


Then yesterday, after i added 2 mega arms inons, It's still negative buoyancy :o

I thought It would be neutral underwater :(

Maybe for the next dive I will add 2 nauticam carbons arms (25cm each) for this kit.

anyway, here are some pics from yesterday :)




























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Congratulations for your pictures!


Regarding the floats:
I have a Nauticam LX100 with 2 INON Z-240 and a SubSee +10 diopter and my rig is very heavy too.

I bought some years ago this http://www.easydive.it/it/galleggianti/51-easyfloat.html it's a sheet of hard, closed cell foam probably used to build deep-sea buoys and yoi can easily cut it with a circular saw and sand it.


I cut it in rectangular stripes of the size of ULCS arms, glued 3 of them together and - to add strengt - coverd them with a thin layer of marine epoxy.


3/4 of this sheet will make my Hugyfot D800 housing with dome slightly positive so i can add lead fishing weights to make the housing perfectly neutral.

For my LX100 rig i use about half of the sheet and have added 4 big stix floats and it is slightly negative with the FIX NEOS 2500 video light attached.


Below you see a picture of the floats i built and still held together with zip-ties


It is my personal believe that air filled floats are not very useful (except made of expensive carbon) as the pressure resistant housing add some extra weight.



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Brought CMC with my Meikon housing and found it is not compatible like Subsee.

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Just returned from tulamben-Bali

Got some pictures to share :)














baby frog fish


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Very nice setup!

Are you happy with the i-Torch focus light?I have almost the same settings, but I use a iDiving 2500 lumens focus light. the torch is great, the problem is that its very very heavy.

What I do to compensate the negative buoyancy of the camera, I add fishing buoys on the arms, and they help a lot.







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