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Perfect Nauticam NA-5DMKIII Housing with Ports and Accesories

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I have a Nauticam NA 5D Mk 3 Housing in perfect condition. You will struggle to find a mark anywhere on the housing. It has never been flooded, and comes with 2 electronic bulkheads for strobe (the picture shows one but it comes with 2).


I am selling it with a great traveling kit. The Nauticam 8.5" White Balance Dome Port, the Nauticam 60mm Macro Port and a 40mm Extension. This is a perfect setup for the best of the Canon lenses.


The Dome Port and 40mm extension is the right length for the Canon 16 - 35 F2.8 Lens

The Dome Port placed directly on the housing is the right length for the Canon 8 - 15 F4 Fish eye lens

An the 60mm Macro plus the 40mm Extension works perfectly with the Canon 100L 2.8 Macro lens.


Much small package then buying different length extensions and pieces.


Also including the Nauticam Strobe Trigger for Canon and a 4XIT zoom gear that fits both the 16 -35 and 8 - 15 lens.


New prices (all from Reef Photo web site):

Nauticam NA-5D MkIII Housing $3700

Nauticam 8.5" White Balance Dome Port $1200

Nauticam 40mm Extension $300

Nauticam 60mm Macro Port $400

Nauticam Strobe Trigger $220

4XIT Zoom gear $85


Total new price is $5905



I'll let the package go for less than the price of the Housing a saving of over $2000.


Price US$3650


Remember these are all in excellent condition or as new condition.


Postage anywhere in the world at cost and I will cover all PayPal fees.



This is near as new as it is my backup housing. I also have another housing that it used and cheaper as well as a standard 8.5" dome port, brand new optical sync cables, electronic sync cables, zoom and focus gears and other bits and pieces, search my older ads.





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