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New housing and kudos! to ShootingUnderwater/Sea & Sea

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I recently bought a Sea & Sea MDX-D7100 housing for my new Nikon d7200. The transaction was thru Amazon.com, but it was being sold for ShootingUnderwater.com. The housing had a special Amazon promotional no interest 12 month financing attached so it made it particularly attractive.


As a certain serial number range of the S&S D7100 housings are not completely compatible with the D7200 and need a small tweak to make them compatible, I contacted ShootingUnderwater before my purchase to see if the "amazon sold" housing was within that serial number range.


Justin at ShootingUnderwater was great in getting me the information, he contacted S&S, talked to Christian, the technician, and found out how long the fix would take. IOW helped smooth the transaction completely. I shipped the housing from Amazon directly to Sea and Sea where the customization was made and it was sent back to me via fed ex.


A perfect transaction with a lot of high touch customer service from all parties! Excellent Job!


thx so much

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