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Wet lenses and adapter rings for sale

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I am upgrading my compact canon s90 system to a a micro 4/3rds and have some wet lenses and adaptors for sale

1. UWL-04 Fisheye lens. Used. $80. M52 thread mount. In it's original packaging. Comes with lens hood, neoprene lens cover and rear rubber lens cap.
(Has several superficial scratches on the surface that will show in photos if shooting into the sun)

2. Recsea 2 element flip close up lens. 50mm threads. Excellent condition. In original packaging. $100.

3. 46mm to 52mm adapter ring- allows connection for a 46mm male threads to 52mm male threads. Used. Good condition $10 ( I used it to connect the UWL-04 fisheye lens to my Fix s90 housing)

4. M67mm to F52mm adapter ring- allows connection of 52mm male threads to 67mm female threads. Brand new, never been used. $20

Shipping to be paid by buyer.

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