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Viewfinder Setup

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Can anyone help with this?


My imaging chain is as follows:


Myopic eye -> single vision, -2.5 corrective lens in right side of mask -> Nauticam V/F with diopter adjustment -> camera V/F with diopter adjustment -> lens -> port -> water


My vision is good close up with no correction, so I need my left eye to see the camera back monitor and controls. My accommodation is very poor closeup with corrective lenses.


My questions are:


(1) Is there an optimal way of setting this up, given 2 adjustment points (camera V/F and Nauticam V/F)


(2) Do you have any suggestions re: bifocal lenses for mask. I would love to have corrected vision and still be able to see the camera controls.


Thanks in advance:)



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Prescription Dive Masks in San Diego are great and you have complete control of the corrections and viewpoints. They send you instructions and then you work with your optometrist to mark up your favourite mask. You send the marked-up mask and your prescription to Prescription Dive Masks and, a couple of weeks later, it's back.


When you are marking-up the mask with your optometrist, take your time. Hold something in your hand to simulate the camera viewfinder and work out the best position for the transition from magnification to distance viewing.




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