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Has anyone tried this with an AquaTech 8" Dome port?

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First post here. I've been a professional photographer for 30+ years and water photography is a big part of my business. I'm a surfer but don't really shoot surfing. If the waves are good enough to shoot, I can't seem to tear myself away to get a camera. I've had a variety of housings over the years and just switched to AquaTech from a Sea and Sea (it housed an older camera and I wanted to use my D810 in the water). I just got everything 2 weeks ago and gave it a quick pool test and then a call came for a 6 day shoot in the Bahamas that included a bunch of water shooting. I ended up shooting stills and video and was very impressed with the system. I rarely shoot very deep anymore and wanted something simple and I that could work very quickly with and this housing definitely fits the bill. The one thing I miss having is a shade on my 8" dome port. Really, it is more about protecting the port and being able to set the housing down on it when opening it up than it is about helping with flare. When I got home from the shoot today, I pulled the shade off an old Aquatica 8" dome and tried it on the AquaTech. Fit like it was made for it but it vignettes quite a bit with a 15mm lens (which is basically what I've always used for split water work). I'm going to try cutting it down a bit, but If I have to cut it down so far that it no longer protects the port from dings then it's not worth it. Has anyone ever found a shade that woks the the AquaTech PD 85 and super wide lenses? Here mine with the shade mounted...


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