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Complete underwater and land camera set up

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UNDERWATER AND LAND SET UP sadly for sale as we’ve stopped diving – equipment in good condition and fully working order

Subal Housing, flash, Nikon camera bodies and 18-200mm lens all had a full service in 2014/2015

Items for sale:

Subal ND20 housing with magnifier viewer

Safety clip to attach housing to BCD

Dome Port with crack on plastic but held firmly by glue for the last two years of use and fully functional - a couple of small shallow 0.5cm scratches on front of glass (does not affect photos)

Extension ring

Flat Macro Port

5 x ‘O’ rings for body of housing

3 x ‘O’ rings for ports

Inon Z-240 flash

2 x ‘O’ rings for flash battery compartment

Lubricant for all ‘O’ rings

2 x Inon double ball arms with foam buoyancy, plus 3 Inon ball arm clamps

High powered self extinguishing focusing light

Mount for additional gadget attachment to Subal housing

Fibre optic spot light arms and housing to attach to Inon Flash

Manual for Inon Flash and D200 camera bodies

2 x Nikon D200 camera bodies

Shutter number just under 20,000 with one body and estimated under 5,000 with second body

3 x Batteries for camera

2 x 4Gb SanDisk Extreme CF cards

2 x Nikon battery chargers

Camera mount plate for Subal housing

AF Micro Nikkor 60mm Macro Lens

AF-S Nikkor 12-24mm Wide Angle Zoom Lens with gear ring for Subal Housing


Originally paid around £10,000 for all equipment.

Would be happy to take £2,000 for everything or £1,500 for everything except lenses

Carriage costs are £20 within the UK and £200 to USA - all equipment weighs around 24lbs





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