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i-Torch Venom 50 Underwater Light & Remote Control! Diving Express Impressed!!

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I just received my new i-Torch Venom 50 underwater light from Diving Express, Ltd out of Hong Kong and boy am I impressed!

I purchased this 5000 lumens white light, red focus and UV underwater light with its unique "remote control" for almost $500 less than any other Seller I found online with this light. Delivery was through DHL and I had it in my hands in 2 days from order.




I have recently upgraded my system to the EM-1 and I wanted a powerful light to improve my video quality from my old 800 Lumens underwater light. Also, I learned that it's hard to shoot cool critters at depth using white light as a focus light. It can irritate them causing movement and attempts to get away. (Kind of like Sean Penn). So, a red focus light was a part of my purchase criteria. Also, I didn't want to spend $thousands$ on a light. My search led me to the i-Torch Venom series. Very powerful & affordable underwater lighting. The Venom 50 was the most powerful in the Venom series at 5000 lumens with a 50 minute burn time on full power. It has four lower settings for 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20% power. It also has a red focus light with two lower levels. Additionally, it has a UV light capability for florescent photography. I'm planning a trip to Komodo and look forward to trying my hand at this UV photography on a night dive.


I also purchased the iTorch remote control. The Venom 50 and iTorch Venom C92 both offer a remote control feature. It uses fiber optic cable to control the mode and light intensity without removing your hands from the case. Very cool! It comes with a fiber optic cable adapter for controlling 2 Venom 50s, battery, and mounting hardware.

The remote is rated to 100 meters just like the Venom 50.


The Venom 50 really shocked me with its size for such a powerful light. Very compact and less than 500 grams with battery. It included charger (need US adapter for 3 prong Euro electrical plug)

, O-Rings & grease, rubber grip rings, lanyard, battery cap, light head and instructions. It uses two buttons for operation. One for powering on/off and selecting mode. (white/red/UV). The other button controls light intensity. A red digital read out provides light intensity and battery level information.


When coupled with the i-Torch remote control you must first turn the Venom 50 on. After that, your thumb can select mode by pressing the little chrome button and a knurled thumb screw dials light intensity up/down or off in the case of white or red light. You cannot dial down UV light to a "sleep" setting.


I'm so excited about my new light! Coupled with my UFL-2 strobe I'm looking forward to capturing some cool critters in Komodo with my EM-1. If your like me and want to save money, you can't go wrong with Diving Express. Ask for Tam and tell him I sent you!






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