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FS: 150m Hugyfot Housing for Canon EOS 5d mk iii plus fisheye dome

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I am selling my Hugyfot housing for Canon EOS 5d mk3 with hugyfot fisheye dome.

The housing has the hugycheck vacuum check system and twin nik 5 bulkheads. Hugyfot upgraded the springs from 100m to 150m last year.
The port is a Hugyfot acrylic fisheye dome with removable shades.
I used the setup with a Canon 8-15mm f4 L fisheye lens, canon 14mm f2.8 L and canon 17-40mm f4 L lenses. Included will be a zoom gear to fit these lenses and port extensions.
I will also include 2 X nik5 - sea&sea/inon sync cables and a spare back door and port oring.
Price £2000 + p&p



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