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FS: New Hugyfot Housing for Canon 5D Mk iii, Plus Flat Port

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For sale is a brand new Hugyfot housing for the Canon 5d Mk iii, plus the FLP/K-6.606 Acrylic Flat Port. This system has only been taken out of the box so that I could photograph it. I won it, but I don't shoot with a Canon and am unable to use it. The system comes with the full warranty. Retail price for the housing is $3450USD, and the port is $240, for a total of $3690. I am selling both for $2900 (plus PayPal fees if you choose to use PayPal). Buyer pays shipping. This item will be shipped from the U.S. I understand that international shipping fees are expensive, so if you live outside the U.S. and are interested in purchasing the system, please let me know. I may be able to help with shipping costs.


This is a great chance for someone to have a brand new housing and port at a substantially discounted price! Included is the HugyCheck system which utilizes a vacuum pump to insure that the housing is properly sealed before you ever get in the water.



Here some information about the system from the manufacturer:


Hugyfot manufacturing
The HFC-5D MkIII housing is machined out of a solid block AlMgSi1 high strength aluminum. Each housing is sanded by hand, sandblasted and finished with a hard anodisation and Teflon coating. The housing is pressure rated to 100m.

Camera control
All Canon 5D MkIII camera controls can be accessed (on/off, shutter release, shutter speed, aperture, program dial, main dial, push buttons, lens release).

Standard housing configuration
- HugyCheck system
- 1 Nikonos 5-pin bulkhead (see options for different strobe connector)
- 2 rigid handles with ball mount and dove tail attachment
- soft neoprene handle for one-hand photography (right hand side)
- gearwheel drive for manual zoom or focus control
- standard viewfinder
- Hugyfot bayonet catch for port mounting
- Hugyfot countersunk bolt closing mechanism
- large window for back color LCD screen
- small window for top screen
- ball mount on top of housing
- extra bulkhead for optional HDMI monitor

Technical data
Dimensions (W x H x D): 220 x 230 x 130 mm
Weight (without camera): 2,7 Kg
Color (anodized): black
Pressure rated: 100m

- Housing
- Maintenance kit
- Spare o-rings
- Hugycheck System
- Handles

Reliable - Quality - Safe:
- unique patented ultra secured lock system: your housing cannot be open without a key
- HugyCheck system: you know if your housing is totally locked and sealed
- state-of-the-art material

- lifetime support from the manufacturer and the distributor
- a distributor and repair center in the US
- 2 years warranty

Hugyfot developed a pre-dive vacuum check system called 'HugyCheck' which enables the photographer to perform a vacuum test prior to entering the water. This test will indicate whether the housing has been closed properly, and whether the housings' O-rings are in good condition.
The HugyCheck system consists of:
- electrical vacuum pump
- one way valve (on one of the bulkheads*)
- LED pressure indicator (on the camera hotshoe)
- leakage alarm




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Price reduced to $2700.

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