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For Sale: Panasonic HMC40 & Equinox HD6

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HMC40 with Equinox HD8 Underwater Housing



In Wilmington NC. UPS Ground shipping estimate in the United States: $50-$75.



Matthew McCoy,


or PM me

I'm selling because I've moved from the Bahamas and won't have much, if any, use for the setup anymore. Please contact me with any questions. I can also do a Skype call if you'd like to see the equipment and get a video walkthrough.



  • Panasonic HMC40 high definition profession camcorder

    • Manufacturer details here:

    • All buttons, dials, lens controls, displays, and recording options work

    • Very solid and reliable camera!

    • Body has some minor cosmetic scratches on bottom from tripod plate

    • 205 hours

    • Lens hood included, but the cover is missing

  • Equinox HD8 housing designed for HMC40

    • Controls: focus, exposure, white balance, zoom

    • Power on/off and record stop/start on separate arms**

    • Dome port and flat port (for macro and zooming)

    • Rated to 200 feet

    • Includes a set of unused gaskets

  • Marshall V-LCD50: 5” high resolution HDMI monitor-fits on back of housing

    • Has custom mount on rear port, but I use electrical tape to fully secure it

    • There is glue residue along the backside of the monitor from using electrical tape to prevent it from moving back and forth.

  • Battery Charger and camera wall charger

  • 1 IDX high capacity battery (SSL-VBG50)

  • 1 Panasonic regular battery

  • Kingston class 4 32 gig SD card (handles all in-camera recording formats)

  • Lens Filter: Circulare polarizer, .9 ND and 1.8 ND

  • Red filter for housing

  • AV out cable for surface monitors

  • Wide angle and macro adapter

  • Removable audio adapter: AG-MYA30G 2-channel XLR and Panasonic MIC150 shotgun mic



** Originally the housing came with one arm to turn the camera on/off and to hit record. This did not work well, very cumbersome and completely unreliable. I switched some arms around, and the photo arm now independently hits the record button. I had to attach an allen's key to make it line up. I tried to get Equinox to send me a custom arm, but they would not without the housing being sent back in. Ideally the arm and allen's key would be welded together, but I did not want to do that in case there was a desire to return it to its original configuration.






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