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Light and Motion Stingray G2 + for Sony XR 520 Complete Package

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For Sale Light and Motion Complete Package for Sony XR 520 HD Video Camera - $1,500 or best offer



Package includes:


  • Camera
  • Housing with Two Handles
  • 1200 Lumen Video lights
  • Two Chargers
  • Batteries and Charger for Video Camera
  • Integrated Pelican Travel Case


See Product Descriptions Below




Light & Motion Stingray G2 w/ White Balance and Menu Handle


The Stingray G2 housing has been carefully engineered with the primary goal of making it easy to learn and use for the new videographer. So simple to use, it makes capturing underwater video images a breeze. With the design benefits of non-penetrating electronic controls it eliminates the risk of housing leaks typical with mechanical through-hole designs. The included 2.7" high-resolution monitor back gives an easy view of what you're shooting. The modular camera trays allows the Stingray HD housing to adapt to numerous Sony CX & XR Series HD video cameras--while allowing accurate camera positioning to take advantage of Light & Motion's high quality housing.


Standard Features

Multi-Camera Tray - Unique modular tray accommodates 13 Sony HD Camcorders

2.7" Monitor Back Included!

Glass Zoom-Through front

Ergonomic Non-Penetrating Electronic Camera Controls

Self-Locking Rotating Latches

Double O-ring Seals on both the monitor back and the lenses

Records Photos to Memory Stick

Ergonomic Grips, Right and Left handles Now Standards

Easy-Load Self-Locking Camera Tray

Moisture/Leak alarm

Integrated Design for Battery Pods/Weight Brackets

Quick Disconnect Mounts for Lights

Record Indicator Light


Housing Controls

Zoom +/-


One Touch White Balance

Auto/Manual Focus




Light & Motion's new Sunray 1200 video lights literally take underwater lighting to a completely new level. You'll be able to capture video that wasn't possible before using the brightest, most rugged lights on the market.


These 1200 lumen lights deliver light more reliably and efficiently than the HID lights they replace.


Remarkably powerful, small, light and easy to use. These lights feature 1200 lumens per head and 90 minutes of burn time making these LED lights a natural for any video housing.


This light kit comes with 2 LED lights heads, 2 battery pods, 2 batteries, 1 charger, and 2 arms for the Light & Motion video housings.




The Sunray 1200 is assembled, depth tested and sealed at our factory. The LED emitters are rated for over 20,000 hour life. Never worry about bulbs failing again; the all solid state design has been field tested for over 1 year to insure your system will be the most reliable trouble free lights on the market. The advanced on-board software constantly monitors the thermal performance of the lighthead and drops it into low mode if it detects heat build-up, typical of a system left on out of water. Unlike many competitors designs, all our lights feature regulated power. This means our on-board software also monitors the battery and boosts the voltage as the battery drains to insure constant light output with no fading.




Beam Pattern: 85-degree. Custom machined reflectors create a wonderfully balanced even beam for great scene lighting.


Power in Lumens: 1200. Over 1.5 times the light output of a 35-Watt halogen system!


Color Temperature: ~6502 K

System Weight: 3.9 lbs (1769 grams)

Charge Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes


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