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Canon 70D with Ikelite Housing, 8" dome port, Tokina 10-17mm and 12-24mm lenses, Ikelite Strobes DS 161 with Li-Ion, and more

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On offer is a complete underwater system based on the Canon 70D which is great for both photos and videos. Included are the camera, two wide-angle Tokina lenses, two Ikelite strobes witih dual sync cord, an 8" dome port and all related extensions, plus various other parts. The only items required to get going with this system are the strobe arms. The housing tray and the strobes are already equipped with the attachment adapters for Ultralight arms.


Housing (with leak detector), strobes and the 10-17mm Tokina lens have seen VERY little use and are in mint condition. The system has been in the water for less than 20 dives! The Canon 70D and the Tokina 12-24 have seen above-water use on half a dozen vacation trips but are in good to very good working condition. Lenses and underwater gear were purchased in Q1 2015, and the camera was bought in Q4 2014.


Below please find a detailed description of all components offered and some pics. Total cost for the system was $7,700, and I am willing to part with it for $5,200 OBO plus shipping and insurance. I am willing to sell some of the components individually, but particularly for the strobes the discount will be less than it is for the entire package.


Payment by Paypal please.



- Canon EOS 70D, including original Canon Battery LP-E6, Canon Charger LC-E6, USB connector cable and unused should strap; good condition with full functionality and only very minor scratches on body; clean sensor and mirror, some specks in view finder that obviously do not show in the photos; in original box with several manuals; new $899

- Book by David Busch “Canon EOS 70D” in like-new condition, new: $22

- 2x After-Market Battery Green Extreme GXLP-E6; new: $25

- Tokina 10-17mm F3.5-4.5; like-new condition throughout; in original box with manual; new: $526

- Tokina 12-28mm F4 AT-X Pro DX; glass without scratches or scuffs, small scratches outside; pull-back of focus ring from AF to Manual requires some minor wiggling, original lens cap has been replaced with a Canon lens cap, in original box with manual; new: $404



- Ikelite Underwater TTL Housing for Canon EOS 70D DSLR including one-page guide, very good condition with full functionality and virtually no visible scratches, minor corrosion underneath snap locks outside (!) of housing; inside of housing and O-ring are in mint condition, in original box together with Dome Port (see below) new: $1,800

- Ikelite Tray with Handles 9523.68; including manual; very good condition, new: $150

- Ultralight Ikelite DS-200 Substrobe Adaptor, attached to top of housing ready for torch light; mint condition; new: $23

- DIY Lanyard with brass clips to carry housing, will attach to strobe arms

- Leak Sentinel V4 installed in housing, including vacuum pump and additional O-rings, new: $230 (note: the lever for the camera’s lens release bottom was substituted with the Leak sentinel; to press lens release button you now need to use long end of Allen key)

- Ikelite Maintenance Kit consisting of Allen keys, spare O-ring, Silicone lube, Housing Control Tips and various replacement covers and screws



- Ikelite 8-inch Dome 5510.45 including neoprene cover and manual; very good condition with a very few very small scratches that are not discernible in the photos; dome comes with 4.125-inch Lens Extension attached as it is set up for the Tokina 12-28mm; new: $400 (note: during the shipping process dust will most likely enter the glass dome and stick to the glass, please clean with antistatic cloth or other suitable means)

- Ikelite Modular 4.125-inch Lens Extension 5510.22; mint condition; currently attached to dome port which is set up for diving with the Tokina 12-28mm; mint condition; new: $175

- Ikelite Modular 4.25-inch Lens Extension 5510.24; mint condition; will be shipped in box labeled “Ikelite 5510.22 since the latter extension is attached to dome port; mint condition; new: $175

- Ikelite Modular Lens Spacer 1.75 in 5510.58; mint condition; in original box; new: $125

- Ikelite Modular 2.75-inch Lens Extension Superwide Port Body 5510.11 including locking device, set screw (already installed on dome port) and spare O-ring; never used – mint condition, in original box with manual; new: $150

- Ikelite Standard Zoom Clamp 5509.27 for Lenses up to 2.8-inch Diameter; for Tokina 10-17mm lens; new: $20

- Ikelite Special Zoom Clamp 5509.28 for Lenses up to 3-inch Diameter; for Tokina 12-24mm lens; new: $20



- 2x Ikelite DS 161 with Battery Pack 4967 Li-Ion, including 2x Ikelite 0591.4 Battery Cover and 2x Li-Ion charger Ikelite 4067.1 and various plug adapters; only used for <20 dives and therefore in mint, like-new condition; one strobe has a DIY diffuser as the original was lost on the first dive (see photo), provides same lighting as other strobe with original diffuser; despite the same manufacturing date (1/15) one dial is clicking into position while the other works without clicks, new: 2 x $1,200 = $2,400

- 2x Ultralight Strobe Adapter; mint condition; new: 2 x $23 = $46

- 1x Ikelite-to-Ikelite TTL Dual Sync Cord including instruction cord; mint condition; new: $160


Please note that the box the camera comes in refers to the Canon 70D and the 18-135mm kit lens. The latter is not included in this offer (but can be added if wished for at additional cost)















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Hi. I am interested in the Tokina 10-17mm if you are willing to sell separately.





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