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Considering a surf housing

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Hello everyone,


I have been lurking on these forums for some time and until recently I was planning to pick up a dive housing. My idea was to pick up a Nauticam housing for my Sony Rx100IV, several wet lenses, and two Ys-D2 strobes. However, I got a bit ahead of myself in that I wasn't even certified to dive. Once I started the certification course I realized that it would take a significant number of dives before I could even think of bringing a camera with me. Also, I didn't even get past the certification class to the open water dives (I was able to do every task except put on the BCD on the water).


So I am rethinking my initial goals and the following is what I'm interested in photographing.

1) Split shots - in open water but more often in ponds, streams, and rivers where I live

2) Kids in the pool

3) Snorkeling - of prime interest is an upcoming trip to Lady Elliot Island off of Queensland


While I have a lot of work to do on diving I am a confident snorkeler. The last time I was in Lady Elliot Island I used a TG-2 and even sold a print of a turtle I took there. I have since upgraded it to a TG-4, though I like it much less than the TG-2.


My thinking is to pick up an Aquatech surf housing and one or more ports. I'm leaning toward housing my 1Dx2 over my 5d3 - both because the housing costs are not much different and because I will likely sell my 5d3 within a year (or whenever Canon updates the 5dsr). I'll buy a port for my 16-35/4 and maybe the 8-15 fisheye and 100 macro. I do wish they had a port for my 11-24.


So my questions are.

1) How well will this work without any strobes when snorkeling and photographing things close to the surface?

2) Is it worth getting the macro port, or will this be relatively useless without strobes? On the surface I often use my macro without lights, but I'm not sure about how it would do a few feet underwater.

3) Are there any flaws in my overall strategy?

4) Does a dive housing have any advantage over a surf housing for split shots?


Thank you for your time.

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do you have an housing? Or still looking for one?





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