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For Sale: several Ikelite Accessories for DSLR-Housing and Strobes

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All of the items have been well looked after and have had very little use (some are even new) with the exception of the dome (see below).
They are listed below with prices and photos:
  1. Ikelite Smart Charger for NiMH and NiCad (Product Number 4066.1): € 50,-
  2. Modular 4.125-inch Lens Extension (Product Number 5510.22): € 80,-
  3. Ikelite TTL Sync Cord for Ikelite DS Series Strobes: € 40,-
  4. Tray with Quick Release Handles - used for Canon 20D and 7D Housing (number printed inside: 0611), including weight: € 50,-
  5. Ikelite SLR Zoom Sleeve Set (Product Number 5509.28) - includes zoom clamp 9059.9: € 10,-
  6. Ikelite SLR Zoom Sleeve Set (Product Number 9059.8/zoom clamp + 0073/zoom sleeve): € 10,-
  7. Many spare parts - please look at the photo (you should be able to read the Product Numbers on the photo) and make me an offer if you need anything!
  8. (!)Damaged(!) Ikelite 8" Dome Port with Shade and Cover (Product Number 5510.45) - has been scratched from the inside by the edges of a lens (mounted without proper extension ring): if you have use for a scratched dome or need a shade or cover please contact me with an offer
I'm based in Vienna, Austria, Europe. Items can be collected, delivery can be arranged at cost.
With regards to payment, I will accept cash on collection, bank transfer in advance and Paypal in advance (fees need to be covered by the purchaser).
There is no warranty of any kind on any of the products and I cannot offer any refund or exchange.








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Yes, the scratched dome port is still available.


Just FYI: just two weeks ago I was able to have another dome port successfully polished that I use in another setup (this one had the scratches on the outside).

I have learned that auto repair shops have the equipment to polish acrylic domes because they use the same method to remove scratches from headlights on cars.


So it might also still be possible to repair the Ikelite dome.

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