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I'm not sure this is the right forum, but here goes anyways.
I'm a (more or less) proud owner of an Olympus TG-4 point and shoot and their underwater case PT-056.
Recently, I bought a tray and a UFL-3 external strobe.
Question 1:
I am unable to get the strobe to work in the case via optical cable. If I hold the cable on the camera's flash directly, the UFL-3 discharges, but not when
shooting through the case. I bought a 3rd party cable, and suspect that this might be a reason. The vendor however says that case, camera, flash, and cable
work fine together.
The setup is basically exactly like this:
tg-4 -> pt-056 -> pfca-02 cable adapter -> cable -> ufl-3
Does anyone have any ideas? I would hate to shell out 100+ € for a fiber-optic cable if that isn't the reason
Question 2:
I was planning on buying a second UFL-3. If I understand correctly, I would need to have an adapter to feed two cables into the camera? Alternatively, I could use the second flash as a wireless slave. Would a second flash be worth it, and could I set everything up via FC-cable?
I'm not the most experienced diver yet, but can control myself well underwater. Still I would like to be able to use TTL etc. and keep everything simple for the start.
Is it even worth getting a second strobe with that camera? (I would consider replacing it sometime in the medium future depending on how things work.... ). My main interest would be in the macro type world (shrimp, nudibranchs, that kind of thing... )
Thanks in advance!

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From your description, your strobe is not firing maybe because of a defective fiber optic cable.

You are correct in not wanting to spend pay the atrocious price ($80 to $100 !) for a replacement, spaghetti-brittle cable.


A reasonable approach is to buy a Toslink cable thru eBay for a few dollars, cut its ends with a sharp razor, and test your unit with it. I say this as I replaced my expensive cables, which broke or got lost, with Toslink fiberoptic cables 3-4 years ago, and have used them on hundreds of dives with no problem.


Please let us know of your progress.




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