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FS: Nikon D300s with Nauticam housing

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Hi folks,


Since i am now shooting with a D500, it is time to sell my Nauticam housing for Nikon D300s, along with the D300s itself, which has never been used outside of the housing, so is in excellent shape, and counts around16000 clicks.

Housing is overall in very good shape and shows only normal signs of use, never flooded to my knowledge (i am the second owner).


IMHO, despite being a few years old it's still an excellent kit and a pleasure to use underwater (it brought me back to DSLR photography after having tried Mirorless shooting with an Olympus OM-D EM-5), i won't look back, i like such camera autofocus soooo much :D. Some pictures taken with it in the Mediterranean:



I am also including a few photos of the housing itself.


Please note that:

-the macro lens which you can see on the photos is not for sale.

-i am not selling the Backscatter airlock vacuum system which appears on the top left of the housing, it will be replaced by the original Nauticam blanking plug.

-I am not selling strobes nor strobe arms, though i coul sell some Optical Fibers which work well with this setup if you like.

-The moisture sensor would have to be fixed if you want to use it. Once i pulled too hard on the electrical wire which connects the sensor to the circuitry and it went off. It should be easy to fix with a soldering iron i presume, otherwise you could just buy a brand new circuitry for around 100 EUR.

-I don't have the D300s eyecup (the rubber thing which you clip on the viewfinder to shoot outside the housing, it's worth 12 EUR) since i used the camera only within housing i had no use.

-I am including as well:

=> 2 mounting balls + lanyard (worth 90 EUR). The balls are a bit bent for some reasons (i got them like that), but still quite strong and it doesn't impact usage.

=> 1 spare o-ring for the housing (worth 25 EUR)


I am selling the whole thing (housing + camera + accessories) for 980 EUR (originally worth more than 5000 EUR, so more than 80% off!), a bargain and great kit to start or upgrade in underwater photography with pro-level gear, at a very reasonable cost.


Optionally, i could sell the following which i am not using:

-ultra-wide (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) (weitwinkel) angle rectilinear lens: Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5,6, which i am selling for 240 Euros, comes with original box and manual!

-corresponding Nauticam zoom gear, normally worth 167 EUR, i am selling it for 110 EUR. Also in great shape.



Any question, just let me know!









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Hi Nicolas


I would be very interested in this housing.


I already have a D300s so would you consider selling the housing without the camera?


Are the current ports available from nautical compatible with the older housings?


Other than the moisture sensor fault have you had any other issues with the housing?


If easier you can contact me at leigh@merlin.org.nz





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Housing sold, camera available!



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Hi, i'd sell it for 390€, i'd let you see how much that makes in usd depending on your bank fees. I also have the sigma 10-20mm lens at 240€, and associated Nauticam zoom ring for 110€.



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