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Filtering Flash/light with blue to get a good mix with ambient light

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Kendal suggests (for certain applications) to use the light with blue filter to match it ambient light and then use a red filter on camera. The goal would be that the whole seen is lighted with matching color temperature.

I assume this idea is not new and wondered if you guys do this??

Is it only done for video or do you also use it for still?


So far I dont filter and therefore for everything far away color is too cold. Now if I used red filter without filtering the flash/lights with blue I would get nice color at far distance but too warm at close distance. In many cases this seems to work fine for everything in reach of my flash/light.


Probably I have to further experiment myself but I was really interested what is most commen?

1) dont filter and use white light

2) red filter on camera even when using flash

3) use "blue" artificial light and red filter on camera

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