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Iconix HD POV Camera + BlueFish Underwater Housing + Four Lens

+ includes Underwater housing + 4 lenses!!!

+ Underwater housing: “BluFish 2 HD”

The world’s leading FULL , TRUE HiDef POV camera.

Popular on many tv films, features, Tvc’s etc. This really is a comprehensive kit that has many extras.

Kit Includes:

  • Camera head
  • CCU, Model #HD-RH1F (1080p,1080i,720p)
  • Lens:Fujinon 2.8mm , 4mm , 8mm C-mount type
  • Lens:Tamaha 1.5mm 2.2. C-mount type.
  • Power supply and power cable
  • 3 metre cable
  • 10 metre cable ( NOTE: Needs a plug on one end replacing–intermittent faulty connection)
  • V-Mount Adaptor
  • Manfrotto mount
  • + even comes in a Large Pelican Case
  • Underwater housing: “BluFish 2 HD” (In Original Box)
  • Cable seal assembly
  • 2 ports: standard & wide angle
  • External F-stop control
  • Dome port and flat port optic
  • ¼” taps on a 360° Mount
  • Fujinon TF2.9 DA-8 1/3-Inch CCD 2.8mm, f/2.2 Fixed Focal Length Manual Iris C-Mount Lens (In Original Box)
  • Fujinon TF15DA-8 1/3-Inch CCD 15mm, f/2.2 Fixed Focal Length Manual Iris C-Mount Lens for Machine Vision and Robotics (In Original Box)
  • Fujinon TF4DA-8 4mm f/2.2 C-Mount Wide Angle Lens for 1/3-Inch 3-CCD Industrial Cameras, with Manual Iris and Focus (In Original Box)
  • Fujinon TF8DA-8 8mm f/2.2 C-Mount Lens (In Original Box)
  • Yellow Pelican Case iM2100 with Receiver

Asking $7,500 obo


*This camera retailed for $15,000 when originally purchased and I am including many extras with the underwater housing, monitor and lens. In addition to underwater video, this camera can also be used outside of the housing unit for aerial video, POV and many other uses. I have many more photos of the items but could only upload two based on size restrictions. If you would like to see more, please let me know.



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Is it still available?

I am especially interested in the underwater housing and the 10 metre cable.



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