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Sea & Sea Strobe Failures YS D1 & YS D2

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Just a Heads up to anyone that is considering to purchase Sea & Sea Strobes,


We have gone through 10 (Ten) Strobes over the past 12 months, each strobe would generally last for a few months and then suddenly fail on the next setup only after a few shots, some failed while underwater but 2 Strobes failed above ground while just setting up the test shots.


Eight of the Ten Strobes where YS D1s of which all were sent back to Sea & Sea in Japan (Even though these strobes are actually made in CHINA).


Of the Eight returned Sea & Sea YS D1 they replaced two, the balance they claimed was due to overheating from firing more than 6 times at high power consecutively which is a totally incorrect assumption on the part of Sea & Sea.


Upon raising these issues with the local Sea & Sea dealer they said this was an issue with the YS D1s and that the YS D2 addressed these overheating failures. (reluctantly we purchased 2 more YS D2's)


WRONG.... now the two new YS D2's recently purchased in February have also both failed on our dive trip last week to Manado.


Its very clear that Sea & Sea in China are not producing strobes that are fit for the purpose of underwater Photography.


Based on the data we have all of the YS D1 & YS D2 will fail after about 30 to 40 dives. This is fine if you only dive a few times per year but be very careful if you are planning a 3 week dive trip as your Sea & Sea strobes will be very unlikely to last the trip.


One point to note on all the failures above, all strobes were setup with Optical TTL on a 4 Strobes per camera setup. ie (1 Camera Housing with 4 Strobes)




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