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Ikelite underwater housing and strobe kit for Nikon D90

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I am selling a complete Ikelite underwater photography kit to suit the Nikon D90 (camera not included).


The kit includes: Ikelite housing #6809.1 with duel handle tray, Ikelite #3945.01 DS161 strobe kit (DS161 strobe/video light, Ikelite #4067 Li-Ion DS161 strobe battery pack and charger, synch cord, ball arm), Ikelite #4067 Li-Ion DS161 strobe battery pack (additional spare), Ikelite Standard port body, Ikelite 8" dome port (suits large variety of lenses including fixed macro and zoom lenses), and a Pelican travel case.


The regular retail price of this kit would be around $5000. It has been used <7 times and so I am seeking $3000 or near offer.


Would love to sell to someone who will enjoy using it as much as I have - this is a reluctant sale!!!


PS: Am more than happy to supply higher res photos if you're interested - the photo uploader and resized was being a pain so had to go with the low res ones for this post.





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