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New Awakening Shark Dive in Fiji

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Hello Everyone !


This is not a Dive Trip as it is open all year round, but I though it was the best place to mention it as it is a heaven for underwater photographers.


The Awakening Shark Dive runs from Barefoot Kuata Resort on a small island in the Yasawas, Fiji.

It was created with sustainability and conservation as inseparable from any diving activity.

The latest available scientific recommendations and experience from dive site around the world were collected to create a dive that is good for the sharks, for the reef, and for local communities.

Extensive briefings allows you to learn more about sharks before you jump in the clear water offshore Yasawas islands. The dive has been setup to be easy for beginners and in fact, you can join us on our isolated island even if you never dived before, learn in a few day and jump in with the sharks. No deep-water, no current, helpful staff, so it feels as easy as any simple reef dive - but don't be fooled, it's a blast for experienced divers too !

The Dive is Photographer friendly and always try to give the best spots and angle for photographers.

The dive can also be booked exclusive for one of few person, allowing more freedom and unique angles to see the sharks.


There are also multiple dive sites around the resort, from shore dive in Marine Protected Area (including night dives) to deeper sea mounts, caves and tunnels, walls or simply nice and easy shallow coral reefs. You can also decide to spend the rest of your day at our pools, bar, or hiking the mountains of the islands !


In the water ? Massive well-educated bull shark swimming in front of you in a totally safe experience. We often hear "it's the best thing I've done in my life !"


Find more with this presentation video :




Here is the website : http://www.thebarefootcollection.com/diving/awakening-shark-dive.htm


Or email : sharkdive@thebarefootcollection.com


And a few photos from the dive :


















Contact sharkdive@thebarefootcollection.com for more information, booking, special groups or any other question !

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