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NA-EM1 Leakage with Vacuum system

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Yesterday I had a dive in lake Attersee, Austria with my faithful Nauticam NA-EM1.

I set the ystem under vacuum 4 hours Prior the dive. It stayed green all the time.

I startetd the dive and hat a good time. After about 20 minutes I started to descending. At about 120 feet (40 Meter) suddenly the light turned red and the System was beeping.

I informed my group and checked everthing. Ther was water inside the housing. We aborted the dive. Back at about 6 feet (2 Meter) there was coming air out of the housing.

Outside the water i opened the housing, a lot of water was coming out. I checked everything, couldn´t find any damage or dirt on the o-rings.

Does anybody have an idea what happened in the deep?

Did anybody have a similiar Problem with his nauticam housing?

Is the vacuum System here a good decision. I often had the Problem, that below 150 feet (50 Meter) the camera did not react right. It looked like the springs for some buttons where to weak.

The depth Rating for the housing is 300 feet.


Thanks in advance


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