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I am considering Fiji for an approximately two week vacation on Dec 2016 - Jan 2017.


I am considering only land based diving. (live a board is not an option for this trip)


What i am looking for is a resort with following characteristics:


- with good location(relatively closer to major dive spots) - Especially to the famous soft coral dive sites of Fiji


- With a dive shop with "a more personal approach" to divers(such as smaller groups, possibility to hire private guide, or boat etc)


- Well organised dive operation with sufficient resources(nitrox availability, camera room etc.)


- The possibility to organise 3-4 dives per day( a year ago, when i planned a trip to Fiji had some correspondence with some major resorts and was informed that what they do is two tank morning dives. no dive organisation for the afternoons)


- Snorkelling friendly (wife is a snorkeler)


- 4-star or higher level accommodation


I would appreciate to hear any experiences in that location that may help me to finalise my plans.


Thanks in advance for valuable assistance.



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After studying the resorts in Fiji i have shortlisted 2 resorts up to now. These are:


- The Remote Resort


- Qamea Resort


I would appreciate to hear any diving related experience in one of these resorts

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