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Olympus xz-2 complete dive setup with sea&sea ys-01 strobes and inon h100 28m67 wide lens

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Here is for sale a complete dive setup. Sadly I couldn't try it, because 2 years ago when I bought the parts I had a chest infection, and last year I have had a blood clot in my other lung. I just tried for snorkelling one strobe and the camera 2 years ago without the macro lens.


The PT-054 housing was very difficult to find 2years ago as it was discontinued, so this was basicly the last one from the USA what I could order, paid a lot for the housing plus the custom fees to get it to the UK.
These are in the sale:

-Olympus XZ-2 camera comes boxed with an Olympus auto lens cap and screenprotector fitted
-Olympus PT-054 housing waterproof upto 40m comes boxed with flash diffuser (the price for the housing and for the

camera is 400GBP+shipping)
-2 Sea&Sea ys-01 strobes (480GBP+shipping)
-2 fibre optic cables Sea&Sea made (60GBP+shipping)
-tray plus 2 flexible arms tray and one arm is fantasea made (80GBP)
-flexible lanyard you can attach the setup to your BCD unused (8GBP)
-Inon UWL H100 type 1 wide angle lens (250GBP)
-Uncu-02 67mm macro lens, magnification is around 6-8times (90GBP)
-a home made swing adapter for the macro lens, and a wide angle lens holder on the left of the tray
-silicon grease some has less in some has more. I used them for my previous underwater setup and
anti-fog sachets


if you buy the complete setup it is 1100GBP+shipping, I include all above.


If the setup sells individually I won't include the macro swing adapter and the inon holder as I made it for this tray and for this housing,


Nothing has warranty left as they are 2 years old, but as I wrote most of the items are hardly used, basicly just tried.


Payment is via paypal or if you are in the UK can be bank transfer or cash on colection too.


If you have any questions, jusy ask. The item is based in the UK. If you are from another country, I will have to add the paypal currency converion fee.


Here are some pictures from the sale


post-48354-0-69798200-1483617383_thumb.jpg post-48354-0-45641500-1483617407_thumb.jpg post-48354-0-43559800-1483617424_thumb.jpg post-48354-0-03335500-1483617467_thumb.jpg post-48354-0-31181700-1483617506_thumb.jpg

post-48354-0-00547000-1483617622_thumb.jpg post-48354-0-01281600-1483617721_thumb.jpg


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